Karaj Site

ANC successfully managed to refurbish its purchased locomotives through organizing a team of specialists in Karaj workshops. In order to expedite locomotives refurbishment process, ANC exploited capacity of Wagon Pars and Iriko workshops and managed to put 77 rehabilitated locomotives in to revenue service at the earliest time.

Yazd and Isfahan Sites

Bearing in mind that Yazd and Isfahan have several iron ore mines and steel factories; maintenance of locomotives in this high traffic zone has a great importance.

Construction of Sistan Locomotive Maintenance Workshops

Both The Islamic Republic of Iran Railways and private locomotive owner companies  are in need of maintenance centers in order to maintain their locomotives as the back bone of this industry which this fact has a greater importance in the high traffic zone.

About Us

Nowadays, Railway freight service has found its position as the most economic and environment friend mode of transportation all over the world.
 Laying hundreds of kilometers of new rail tracks with high quality infrastructures every year turned Iran amongst one of fast growing countries in rail sector. 
The Iranian government would prefer only to undertake constructing the infrastructure and encourages private sector to invest and operate the rolling stocks. 
Almost 70 percent of freight cars which are active in Iranian rail network are belonging to private sector companies. 
Alborzniroo fleet and Equipment Company (ANC) has been founded by five prestigious companies who are active in different railway sectors to provide them with the best solutions for their existing fleet of rail cars and their need of motive power. The share holders of our company currently have more than 7000 freight cars which are responsible of more than 35% of total rail freight traffic in Iran. 
Alborzniroo enjoys being the first Iranian private company that acquires mainline freight locomotives. Seventeen units of used GT26CW locomotives have been bought and will start their revenue service within next mounts. The contract for acquiring 50 units of new heavy haul 4000 hp locomotives is being finalized with Dalian and Wagon Pars companies. 
 Our scope of work is including but not limited to: 
• Supplying motive power. 
• Repair and overhaul of locomotives and cars. 
• Commissioning and third party inspections. 
• Supplying genuine and OEM spare parts. 
• Consulting and technical assistance services