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تامین لکوموتیو

Locomotive Supply

 As the first private commercial freight railway company owning locomotives in Islamic Republic of Iran , Alborz Niroo began its mineral and non-mineral freight transportation in September 2009.
The company gradually increased the number of locomotives from 2 in September 2009 to 37 by the early of 2015, during which, the average percentage of locomotives availability have been 85%. Let us also point out that all responsibilities related to locomotive maintenance, supply of spares and original parts, staffing drivers and directing officers (wagon master and locomotive driver), travel facilities equipments are entirely carried out by Alborz Niroo Co.
According to available statistics Alborz Niroo has transported more than 11 billion ton-kilometers freight since inception of the company till early 2015 in Iranian railways. The company’s contribution to national transport was over 9% in the year 2014.

Alborz Niroo Railway Fleet Company also started cooperation with Gol Gohar Iron (Iron Ore) in June 2010 through assigning 2 locomotives for maneuvering the wagons inside the complex .  

ANC has also cooperated with Ballast (Railway Installations & Constructions Engineering) Company and RSTC Co in railway installations of Arak-Malayer , Miandoab-Maragheh , Isfahan-Shiraz railways .