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کارخانجـات نگهداری و تعـمیرات لکومـوتیـو سیستـان

Construction of Sistan Locomotive Maintenance Workshops


Both The Islamic Republic of Iran Railways and private locomotive owner companies  are in need of maintenance centers in order to maintain their locomotives as the back bone of this industry which this fact has a greater importance in the high traffic zone.

Accordingly, ANC planned the first and largest private locomotive maintenance workshops in Sistan( Esfahan province) in 2013  and  inaugurated construction of this plant with participation of Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, members of parliament and bank authorities in October 2014.These workshops are planned to be operational in 2017.The main advantages of this project can be pointed out as making 550 direct and indirect jobs as well as completion the process of locomotives maintenance in Esfahan.

In the Sistan workshops following activities can be performed:

- Maintaining and implementing of  specified services of different types of Diesel-Electric locomotives up to 100 units as well as   annual scheduled maintenance

- Overhaul of different types of Diesel-Electric locomotives up to 100 units per year

- Overhaul a whole package of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronical, Microprocessor components and etc  

- Set up and replacement of the main  locomotive components including Motors, Generators,

Traction motors, Bogies and etc.