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 GM-EMD heavy-duty freight locomotive model GT26CW 


The GT26CW locomotives purchased from South Korea are similar to locomotives running in the I.R. Iran Railways. Larger fuel tank, higher axle load, more efficient suspension system, upgraded comfort facilities in the cabin are among the advantages of such locomotives in comparison with similar models available in Iran. These locomotives are utilized after undergoing various rehabilitation and modification of hooks, side buffers etc. 

Rated power (UIC condition)

3300 hp

 Axle arrangement


 Gauge of track

1435 mm

 Locomotive weight (with 2/3 supplies)

 132 ton

 Overall height (with new wheels)

2.819 m

 Max. Width   

2.819 m

  Locomotive length over the buffer head

19.507 m

Wheel Diameter 

 1016 mm

Min. curve radius for single locomotive

 80 m

 Transmission mode


 Axle load

 22 ton

 Max. Starting effort

 460 kN 

 Diesel engine Type


 Continuous effort

 280 kN

 Max. Service speed

 105 km/h

 Loading gauge


 Fuel tank capacity

 9000 L

 Dynamic brake effort

160 KN

 Brake and compressed air system


 Locomotive Control system

 Microprocessor  system is being fitted
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