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مهر 1391 - اصفهان

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As the private sector is continuously expanding in the national railway industry, Alborz Niroo Co., founded in 2007, aims at investment on supplying locomotives, wagons and rail fleets. Equipped with a number of wagons, locomotives and a supply chain for spare parts, Alborz Niroo and the foundercompanies have initiated a complete cycle of rail freight transport.
The most important activities of the company include purchasing and putting into service 77 GT26CW locomotives (3300 hp) as well as designing and developing the Repair and Maintenance Center for locomotives at Sistan Station located in Isfahan.
In cooperation with MAPNA and the Iranian Investment Company, Alborz Niroo Co. founded Alvand Niroo Co as well. This company currently has 26 locomotives, rehabilitation of which is conducted by Alborz Niroo. The company will supply modern and updated locomotives through national and international companies.

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